Apply Now for Dwell Short-Term Missions Trips

cambodia2017-1.jpgDwell is now taking applications for two short-term missions trips, planned for 2024. The application deadline is February 16th, with required references in by February 23rd.

Dwell will be taking a team of 10-15 people to Southeast Asia from June 21st to July 2nd, and a team of 25 people to Cambodia from July 30th to August 14th. The link to apply is here.

Josh Keegan with Dwell's Missions Division answers some questions about these trips:

Why should someone consider this opportunity?

Trip participants will get to see God's work in Asia first-hand, which could profoundly impact how they view God and His people. They'll see how the gospel is spreading and having an impact in communities where the Judeo-Christian worldview is largely absent. Participants also get an opportunity to experience a culture totally different from our own. People there will have different upbringings, backgrounds, values, priorities, etc., but share the same faith in Jesus Christ. That can have life-changing impact!

Do you need to be involved in missions to be considered? 

You don't need to have prior involvement in missions to be considered, but we are looking for people who are open to being long-term advocates for these ministries. That could mean a commitment to prayer, giving, and/or becoming a part of the field's advocacy team when you return.

How valuable are these trips for the ministries they serve? 

Visiting our partners strengthens the long-term bonds that God has put in place between our church here at Dwell and our partners around the world. Our Global Partners know that we at Dwell have a relationship with them, but it is great for them to see a team that can represent our love and commitment to them in a tangible way. It's very valuable both for them to be able to teach us things as trip participants, but also for us to show them love and humility as guests in their country.

If you have questions about the trips or the process for apply, contact Canco Casassa at