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Identity: Seeing Yourself through God's Eyes

Book Author Conrad Hilario

You could describe the current state of our culture in two words, identity crisis. Many of us are searching for something solid upon which to secure our identity. Some root their identity in their race or ethnicity. Others take their sense of identity from their political and social views. For a growing number, identity is determined by one's gender or sexuality.

This problem of identity is nothing new. We have always tried to define ourselves by the things we have or do. And yet, the issue with constructing our own identity is that it can topple at any moment.

God solved this complicated problem with a simple solution. He's given us a new identity in Christ. This gives us a stable anchor point to which we can attach our identity. Who we are in Christ never changes because God's view of us never changes.

Identity is a month-long, daily devotion designed to help you discover who you are in Christ. Each chapter takes one aspect of your new identity, draws out its significance, and applies it to your life. As you learn more about who you are in Christ, it will transform how you see yourself, others, and reality.

Experience the Book of Acts

Book Author Dennis McCallum

In Experiencing the Book of Acts, Dennis McCallum takes you on a journey through the book of Acts, examining its central themes and steering you chapter-by-chapter, episode-by-episode. You’ll relive the early church’s trials, tears, and triumphs as thousands meet Jesus across the Roman world. This helpful handbook is not dense, like a commentary, but carries you into actual experience of the Spirit’s explosive breakout and to experience Christian community as vital as the early church’s.

Lessons from Genesis: A Study Companion Volume 1

Book Author Dennis McCallum

Genesis is the most controversial and important book in the Old Testament. Now, master story-teller and Bible teacher, Dennis McCallum, takes you on a rumbling, fast moving journey through this amazing text. This narrative is accessible to even new readers and is arranged for partner or group reading.

Lessons from Genesis: A Study Companion Volume 2

Book Author Dennis McCallum

In this volume, respected Bible teacher, Dennis McCallum continues the story of Genesis from Volume 1. Here is the opportunity to understand some of the most difficult passages in Genesis. This narrative briefly answers modern attacks on the text and faithfully keeps the big picture in view.

Endless Hope or Hopeless End

Book Author James Rochford

This incredibly accessible book brings a complicated subject within the easy grasp of the average reader. Bible prophecy and eschatology lead to endless debates among interpreters. Here, examine all the main schools of thought and how they get their conclusions. For more advance readers, extensive footnotes offer documentation and further reading.? 

Searching for Wisdom

Book Author Conrad Hilario

It’s easy to miss when you read the book of Proverbs: Solomon addresses his children, dozens of times. Since he fathered an untold number of children, Solomon chose to write them a collection of his wise observations they could all read whenever they had time. This timeless wise message from a father to his child is just as relevant today as it ever was.

Colossians: Christ Over All; Christ in You

Book Author Gary DeLashmutt

Through the book of Colossians, Paul explores the significance of Jesus’ work and its impact on Christians seeking to follow God. Gary steps you through each passages' meaning, and helps you mine the treasure--valuable to helping new Christians become grounded and older Christians find nourishment and motivation. 

Spiritual Love: How to Build Deep Friendships and Marriages under God

Book Author Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt

Dwell founding pastors wrote this guide to marriage at a time when scores of couples were struggling with marriage in this large, college and post-college church. Since this book went into use for premarital counseling, marriage failure has become very rare at Dwell. Spiritual Love will revolutionize your thinking about marriage whether you are single or already married. Get the free study guide to discuss with your spouse, a friend, or in a group.

Spiritual Love: Study Guide

Book Author Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum

This study guide follows chapter by chapter, the book, Spiritual Love, by Gary DeLashmutt and Dennis McCallum. The guide is arranged for use in any one of four venues:

  • Individual enrichment
  • Couples premarital study
  • Married couples' enrichment
  • Group study

Walking in Victory

Book Author Dennis McCallum

A true, grace-oriented study of Romans 5-8, this books urges us to become what we are in Christ. Filled with helpful charts and offering a FREE group Study Guide.

Walking in Victory: Study Guide

Book Author Dennis McCallum

This study guide follows, chapter by chapter, the book, Walking In Victory, by Dennis McCallum. We have seen excellent results using this book as a basis for both small group and classroom study. The book challenges young and mature Christians alike to seek maturity in Christ at all costs, and to do so through the power of God, not self-effort. Romans 5-8 is the most complete and exciting explanation of Christian growth in any of the letters of Paul. I hope you are challenged and edified by this wonderful passage that never grows old.

Evidence Unseen

Book Author James Rochford

As Christians, we shouldn't be defensive about our beliefs, but we should learn to intelligently defend our faith. James Rochford offers accessible thinking on the popular attacks against the Christian worldview. With simple and direct language and clever illustrations, this is a great book to give to a spiritual seeker or a skeptic; a doubting Christian or to study in a small group.

Constructive Suffering Workbook

Book Author Amy Moreno and Lee Campbell

While the Bible does not promise a trouble-free life, it does provide ways for us to be prepared for difficulty. The Constructive Suffering Workbook is a resource to help you understand more about suffering and what God might be accomplishing through it. It’s a mixture of exercises and thought-provoking questions, along with Biblical insights into the nature of suffering. While it can be worked through individually, it would also be an excellent resource for a group study.

Organic Discipleship

Book Author Dennis McCallum and Jessica Lowery

Dennis and Jessica have used personal disciplemaking to raise up scores of Christian leaders. Those leaders have raised up hundreds. Speaking from their fifty years combined experience in Dwell Community Church (where over 250 home churches have been planted) the authors explain in practical and biblical terms how anyone can raise up disciples. Get a free study guide to read and discuss with a friend or group. Supplementary material, including the appendices is also available.

Organic Discipleship Study Guide

Book Author Dennis McCallum and Jessica Lowery

Use this study guide to discuss Organic Disciplemaking with a small group or your personal study partner. First read the chapter, either before meeting or together. Then ask the questions, beginning with the ones you think are most interesting. When the meeting has lasted long enough, you’re done! Don’t feel like you have to get to all the questions.

Discovering God

Book Author Dennis McCallum

For people interested in the question of whether we can know God, this book steps you through basic ways to pursue your exploration. Learn how a dozen lines of converging evidence add up to a powerful argument for God. This book is for thinking, open-minded people. Download the free study guide to read and discuss with a friend or group. 

Christian Parenting, A Relational Approach

Book Author Dennis McCallum

What does Scripture teach about parenting?
What insights can we gain from science?
Bible teacher and grandparent, Dennis McCallum has taught multiple courses on parenting over his fifty years in ministry. Here, McCallum offers the crux of his courses on the subject.
The relational approach stresses relationship as the key to successful parenting.

Too Good to Be True

Book Author James Rochford

James Rochford masterfully combines depth of content with clarity of communication. He delivers material that is both useful and easily readable to people with a wide variety of background knowledge and interest. A seeker with no background in Christianity will likely see many questions answered and assumptions challenged, while a long-time reader of theology will gain some new insights as well. Get the free audio book at EvidenceUnseen.com!

Liberation! Follow the Book of Hebrews to a Life of Radical Grace

Book Author Dennis McCallum

In similar fashion to Walking in Victory, McCallum’s step-by-step treatment of Romans 5-8, Liberation guides readers through Hebrews with clear exposition, engaging illustrations and relevant application. He tackles key differences between law and grace, how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament ritual system, how to understand Israel’s history and the importance of Christian community. Its union of accessibility and depth make it a perfect tool for cell groups, discipleship or personal study.?

Members of One Another: How to build a biblical ethos into your church

Book Author Dennis McCallum

"In this training manual for church leaders, McCallum discusses something far more important for local churches than methods, structures or gimmicks: "ethos." If you can build ethos into your group they will be ready to handle any obstacle and continue to thrive, regardless of your church model." - Ken MacGillivray, Hopedale Church

Get the free study guide to read and discuss with a friend or in a group.

Members of One Another Study Guide

Book Author Dennis McCallum

Questions to discuss when reading Dennis McCallum's book Members of One Another. Each chapter has a set of questions to consider/discuss.

Loving God's Way

Book Author Gary DeLashmutt

Love means different things to different people, but God has his own view. DeLashmutt used the "one-another" passages in the New Testament to assess what love means when God uses the word.

Spiritual Confidence

Book Author Jessica Lowery

Many of us would love to be less insecure and fearful; and this is something God wants for us as well. As Christians, we may distrust the concept of self-confidence. Rightly so! But what is the alternative? It can't be weakness. When we look to Jesus as an example, we see someone bold in action, in word, and in belief. We have to know that insecurity and humility are not the same. Christians can be secure and bold without being prideful. God is not against confidence; just misplaced confidence. The object of our confidence makes all the difference.

Satan and His Kingdom: What the Bible Says and How It Matters to You

Book Author Dennis McCallum

This study of God's enemy and ours is comprehensive and avoids extremism. “We have long needed a lucid, biblically sound presentation of spiritual warfare and the satanic kingdom. This is it, and it is both readable and deep. Everyone should read it.” — Grant R. Osborne, PhD, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Get the free study guide to read with a friend or a group.

Satan and His Kingdom: Study Guide

Book Author Dennis McCallum

Want to take your group or partner through a study on the Evil One? This guide should help. Each chapter is laid out as a study, but the discussion leader may decide to combine two chapters into one study. This guide covers the first eighteen chapters only, on the theory that most groups won’t want to go further.

The Death of Truth

Book Author Dennis McCallum

How should Christians respond to postmodern culture? This guide to the new shift in thinking in America draws from the expertise of nine scholars and communicators from different fields like counseling, education and religion. Check out the free Study Guide for more materials. 

Porn Free: Finding Renewal through Truth and Community

Book Author Brian Gardner

Millions of Christian men, especially younger men, have become trapped in bondage to sexual lust through the widespread availability of Internet pornography. Learn how the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ revolutionizes our thinking, and transforms our desires to lead us into healthy sexuality. See how living openly and honestly in community frees our hearts from guilt, and satisfies need for true intimacy.

A Death Prolonged

Book Author Jeff Gordon M.D.

A story that attacks myths that lead to needless suffering and financial waste at the end of life. This fast-paced novel will take you into a hospital where you will witness the duel tragedy of end-of-life care in America. Elderly people suffer as they receive futile, but painful life-prolonging measures that have a tremendous financial cost. The other tragedy is that many uninsured people cannot afford the most basic health care.