Dwell Parenting Meetings

Dwell's monthly Parenting Meeting offers practical, Bible-based teachings on different parenting topics. You can ask questions, join in on small discussion groups, and connect with other parents. While the teachers come from a Biblical perspective, all viewpoints are welcome.

Meetings are at 9:30 am at the Dwell Main Campus Café (1394 Community Park Dr., 43229) the first Wednesday of the month. Limited childcare is provided. For more information contact fojass@dwellcc.org.

For more resources on parenting and family, visit this page. 


  • December 6: Gloria McCallum Fostering Positive Sibling Relationships


Additional Past Teachings:

Title Teacher Audio Resources
Lessons We've Learned over the YearsBrad & Ellen Oatneymp4
Enjoying Your Child's PersonalityBev DeLashmuttmp4
Developing Resilient KidsLiz Sweetmp4powerpoint
Strong Marriage, Strong KidsMary Beth Gladwellmp4
Filling Your Child's Love TankGloria McCallummp4powerpoint
With a Little Help from My FriendsPatty Youngmp4
Fighting for Joy (and Sanity)Chris Risleymp4
Parenting Under GraceGloria McCallummp3Powerpoint
Teaching Children about GodPaul Alexandermp3Handout
Enjoying ParentingScott Risleymp3Powerpoint
Serving During the Challenging YearsStephanie Lehnertmp3Powerpoint
Working & Stay-At-Home MomsJoe & Cindy Bottimp3Powerpoint
Fear vs. Confidence in ParentingLaura Stoddardmp3Powerpoint
Dealing with Tragedies--Large & Small, Present & FutureJohn and Connie Ruemp3Powerpoint
Developing a Child's CharacterMary Beth Gladwellmp3Powerpoint
Technology & Parenting WorkshopBrian Runk
Brad DuFault
Joe Botti
New Mom WorkshopAmber Listonmp3Powerpoint
Instructing and Disciplining ChildrenAjith Fernandomp3Video
Listen So Your Kids Will TalkRosy Talarzykmp3Handout
Authoritative ParentingJoe & Cindy Bottimp3Powerpoint
Appropriate Forms of TouchBev DeLashmuttmp3Powerpoint
Expectations: Dos and Don'tsChris Dekenmp3Powerpoint
Your Identity and Your Kid'sPatrice McCormacmp3Powerpoint
Resources for Good Parenting: Your Spouse and Close FriendsMary Beth Gladwellmp3Powerpoint
Sacrificial ParentingBev DeLashmutt
Linda Lentz
Helping your Kids Handle AnxietyAmy Morenomp3Powerpoint
When Helping HurtsKim Geisermp3Powerpoint
Creating a Vision for your ChildHolly McCallum Powerpoint
How does my Child's Moral Compass Impact Relationships?Beth Himsworthmp3Powerpoint
Helping Kids Deal with AdversitySharon Richmp3Powerpoint
Evaluating Cultural Trends in ParentingKathy Hoffermp3Powerpoint
Parenting Young Souls with Love and LogicChris Cloudmp3 
How to Fail at ParentingPaul Alexandermp3Powerpoint
Serving Christ through Life's StagesMary Barnummp3Powerpoint
Conflict ResolutionRyan Weingartnermp3Powerpoint
Raising Self-Reliant Kids in a Self-Indulgent WorldBev DeLashmutt Powerpoint
Raising Kids in CommunityPatrice McCormacmp3Powerpoint
Being a Good Steward of your FamilyBen Foustmp3Powerpoint
Instilling God's Love for all PeopleCheryl Walker Powerpoint
Parenting in GraceBev DeLashmuttmp3Powerpoint
How to Listen to Your ChildLee Campbell Handout 1
Handout 2
Handout 3
Appropriate Discipline for Your ChildConnie Runmp3Powerpoint
Helping Kids with their EmotionsAmy Morenomp3Handout 1
Handout 2
Parenting in a Sport Crazed WorldRob Smithmp3Powerpoint
Praying Today for Your Child's TomorrowKip Dixonmp3 
Dealing with StressAmy Morenomp3Powerpoint
Are We Over-Scheduled?Jessica Lowerymp3Powerpoint
Raising Sexually Healthy Children In a Sexually Dangerous WorldBev DeLashmuttmp3Powerpoint
Conflict ResolutionRyan Weingartnermp3 
Flexibility with Kids:What’s Negotiable and What’s NotPatrice McCormacmp3Handout 
Information Technology OveruseGary DeLashmuttmp3Powerpoint
Parenting and ShameLee Campbellmp3Powerpoint
Promoting Strength and ResilienceBeth Himsworthmp3Outline
How Parenting affects your MarriageChris Risleymp3Powerpoint
How to Discipline your Toddler/PreschoolerChris Risleymp3Powerpoint
Dealing with Anger: Yours and Your Kids'Amy Morenomp3Outline
Developing the Art of ConversationRosy Talarzykmp3Outline
Dealing with the "What ifs" of ParentingBeth Himsworthmp3Outline
Age-appropriate Awareness about SexBrian Gardnermp3Powerpoint
Harmful Help: Are we helping our kids too much?Kip Dixonmp3Outline
The Benefits of Staying HomeHolly McCallummp3Outline
Parenting under GraceBev DeLashmuttmp3Powerpoint
Having a Healthy Perspective on your Child and SchoolCarole Bucklewmp3Powerpoint
Parenting with Love and LogicJill Clearymp3Powerpoint
Making your Home a Haven for OthersPatrice McCormacmp3Outline
The Role of Technology on our Kids (evening)Marc Johnsonmp3Powerpoint 
Appreciating your Spouse's RoleTom & Kamie Dixonmp3Powerpoint 
Instilling Values: Hollywood's vs. the Bible'sJoe Bottimp3Powerpoint 
Balancing Family Activities & Ministry: Integrating & Saving TimeSherri Fojasmp3 Outline
The Role of Technology on our KidsMarc Johnsonmp3 
Helping our Kids Deal with Their FearsBeth Himsworthmp3Outline 
Boys and Girls: Developing and Nurturing Each OneJessica Lowerymp3Outline
Tailoring Discipline to Your Kid's PersonalityKathy Hoffermp3Outline
Simple Living: Practical Ways to Enjoy Life with your KidsJoe Bottimp3Powerpoint 
Raising a Successful ChildBeth Himsworthmp3Outline
Understanding your Child's PersonalityBev DeLashmuttmp3Outline
Top 5 Parenting Tips from an Empty NesterChris Patchmp3Outline 
Dealing with Guilt: How to Enjoy Being a ParentConnie Ruemp3Powerpoint
Strengthening Your Family by Strengthening Your MarriageLee & Debbie Campbellmp3Outline 
Effective DisciplineCindy Botti & Kamie Dixonmp3 
Avoiding Rebellion & Entitlement Through SignificanceBeth Himsworthmp3Outline
The Value of CommunityPatrice McCormacmp3 
How to Teach your Kids to Love GodMartha McCallummp3