Access Ministry

The Dwell Access Ministry exists to create and improve accessibility to the Gospel for people with disabilities by providing specific support to adults, students, and children with disabilities, as well as their families, in several distinctive ways.

Adult Home Church Liasons


Home churches are the heart of Dwell and the Adult Home Church Liaison helps adults with disabilities find accessible Bible study opportunities by contacting home groups and facilitating their inclusion.

Greg Roth

Young Adult Adapted Bible Study

Young adults with disabilities and varying abilities have a place to learn God's word at Dwell. The Young Adult Home Church is a gathering of high school students and older. They use a variety of ways to study and teach the Bible, and grow in their relationship with Christ and each other. The group meets at Dwell's Office Building at 1340 Community Park Drive, on the first and third Saturday each month from 5:30 - 7:30 PM.

Greg Roth

Oasis Access Program


The Oasis access mission is to create and provide an environment where all children can learn about, experience, respond to, and grow in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. The Oasis Access Program is designed to supplement that goal by providing individualized support to those children who need it.

Oasis Classroom Support

This program provides classroom support to children who need additional assistance in the Oasis classroom. All Access workers are certified through the same screening process as other Oasis workers, and have expressed an interest in working in a classroom supporting a child with special needs. Workers may be adult or student volunteers, who commit to providing support either weekly or every other week for one year. In addition to helping a child learn about God’s plan through the Oasis curriculum and classroom activities, workers facilitate positive interactions with the child’s Oasis classmates.

American Sign Language (ASL)

The Interpreting Team ministry provides quality ASL services to deaf patrons, who attend various meetings and events held weekly at Dwell Community Church.

Stephanie McHenry
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If you would like to volunteer with Access, please fill out the application and email it to Thanks!