To serve effectively, home church leaders need wisdom, support, encouragement, direction and vision. One way that Dwell assists our hardworking leaders is by linking each group with an experienced staff member to help with consultation and oversight.

Home church consultants (or “coaches”) build relationships with leaders and members as they equip, counsel and provide resources.

How They Help

A coach strives to empower groups, identifying weaknesses and strengths, with the goal to see the church mature and expand.

That said, coaches differ in how they assist groups. Most communicate with leaders via email or phone, then meet periodically in person to discuss important issues. Some coaches visit groups to provide first-hand observations; others produce quarterly or annual reports on key metrics. All agree that observation, discussion, feedback, reporting and prayer are key components to his or her oversight process.

Coaches weigh in on many issues as needed. They spark creative ideas when a group feels stagnant. They provide an objective, outside voice when a team comes to an impasse. They ensure that teams follow good practices when making key decisions. They check in on key elements such as evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.

Additionally, the coach serves as a liaison among home church members, sphere leaders and elders, providing another level of accountability for home church leaders. Members of a home church can communicate with their home church coach at any time to ask questions or seek resources.

Who They Are

Because they serve a home church without being directly involved, coaches must have extensive experience and proven success in discipleship, leadership and group multiplication. Nearly all coaches have planted their own home churches and raised up a disciple into leadership.

Most consultants are paid staff members, though a few serve on a volunteer basis. All must meet stringent biblical requirements (Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3) and maintain membership on the Dwell Servant Team. Each coach is under the supervision of a sphere leader and provides regular updates on the groups they coach.