Leadership Training Class

Leadership Training Class is a rigorous program that combines systematic, biblical and practical theology. Each of the six 10-week quarters includes interactive lectures, outside reading, weekly assignments, quizzes, projects and final exams. Our goal is to help eager Christian workers become fruitful, responsible, lifelong leaders. We believe LTC is among the most robust lay leadership development programs available anywhere.

If you are interested in taking it, contact your home church leaders. Home church leaders at Dwell are required to pass the entire program. Wednesday sections run from 7 to 10 p.m. at 4th Street and the Warehouse. A Saturday session runs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Main Campus and includes childcare.

LTC 1 | The Bible, God & Man. Covers each person of the Trinity, the inerrancy and canon of scripture and the nature of mankind

LTC 2 | Spiritual Growth. Covers the biblical view, differing perspectives, benefits and methods of spiritual growth

LTC 3 | The Church. Covers the nature, mission, function and leadership of the church, with a focus on evangelism and discipleship

LTC 4 | Angels, Satan & the End Times. Covers the person and work of Satan, the world system, Messianic and end-times prophecy and the eternal states, with a short section on teaching the Bible

LTC 5 | Apologetics & Counseling. Covers classical and presuppositional apologetics, world religions and biblical counseling, with a short section on leading group discussion

LTC 6a | Theology & Methods of Biblical Leadership. Covers the nature, function and best practices of servant leadership. Class open to students who have passed three or more quarters of LTC.

LTC 6b | Practical Leadership in Dwell. Covers special issues and responsibilities related to leading a home church. Class open to current or soon-to-be college or adult home church leaders.