What is Pastoral Counseling?

Counseling at Dwell Community Church is different from counseling in the mental health community. Pastoral counseling seeks to help people respond to God's direction as taught in the Bible in the areas of lifestyle, love relationships, and serving others.

Our trained pastoral counselors and ministry team leaders can help you work through problems and pursue a biblical perspective for resolving them. We are committed to listening and applying God's love, grace, and guidance to help you experience spiritual growth and change.

Please note: We do not offer clinical counseling and cannot make clinical diagnoses. We are also unable to take medical insurance. Fees are $30 per session for students and $60 per session adults. Financial aid may be available for those in need.


To schedule a meeting with a counselor click below:


You can also contact our counseling administrator at 614-823-6510 x1701 or email us at counselingintake@dwellcc.org for more information. Dwell also offers several ministries devoted to specific areas of need.