Dwell leaders offer regular seminars to help workers learn about mental, emotional and relational health.

Developing Mercy with Discernment | Kalyssa Deken

Boundaries | Abbey Merker

Helping Others Navigate Grief, Loss, and Disappointment | John Montgomery

Thanks for the Feedback | Cindy Botti

Navigating Life Transitions | Patrice McCormac

Helping the Body of Christ Heal | Chris Risley

Ministering to the Addicted | Kaitlin Casassa LISW and Daniel Rogers LPC

Helping Others Navigate Depression | Amy Moreno LPCC-S

Counseling in Community | Bev DeLashmutt

The Case for Humility | Lee Campbell

Navigating Emotions | Bryan Jones

Helping People in Crisis/Trauma | Chris Risley

Forgiveness | Bev DeLashmutt

Listening | Lee Campbell

Praying for "Stuck" Christians | Gary DeLashmutt

Dealing with People's Shame Issues | Lee Campbell

Youth Suicide Prevention | Denise Meine-Graham and Joe Botti with materials from Greta Mayer and the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties