Servant Team covenant

Form Entry

Servant Team members adopt a lifestyle of sacrificial love, learning and leadership, as outlined in the statement below. All members must sign it when they join and recommit every three years afterward.

  • GROWTH: I am committed to ongoing spiritual growth under God’s grace through consistent involvement in prayer, Bible-reading and fellowship. I will strive to exemplify the character of a deacon (1 Timothy 3:8-12). I will continue as a regular, fully-engaged member of a Dwell home church, Central Teaching and discipleship group (e.g. cell group).
  • UNITY: I am committed to preserve unity in our church. I will work in cooperation with the elders and support the direction they set. I will attend Servant Team gatherings. I will exhort other team members to keep the commitments in this covenant. I will resign my role if I am morally disqualified or cannot in good conscience comply any longer with this covenant.
  • TRUTH: I am committed to the essential teachings of the Bible and fully affirm our statement of faith. I will complete all required coursework, including at least one 5-week class every two years. I will be a life-long learner of God’s truth.
  • SERVICE: I am committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission: both through sharing my faith and discipling others (Matthew 28:18-20). I will continue to serve by loving my brothers and sisters as Jesus loves me, using my spiritual gifts and helping younger Christians mature. I am also committed to a life of generous financial stewardship, including membership in the Fiscal Support Team. I would be willing to lead a home church if asked.

I realize that signing this covenant will not make me a member of the Servant Team. Membership in that team requires additional commitments.

Belonging to the Servant Team e-mail group is required for all Servant Team members.

As a member of the Servant Team, I understand I will need to review and re-commit to this servant covenant every three years.