Introduction to the Bible

As God’s written word to us, the Bible is the single most powerful agent for transforming our lives. But some Christians, overwhelmed by the diversity and complexity of the Bible, avoid reading it on their own. Those who do read it often find that their study becomes routine, failing to engage their hearts as well as their minds. This course is designed to walk students through the Scriptures, helping them become familiar with key elements of the Bible and how they all fit together into one grand, unified story. Whether you’re discovering the Bible for the first time or eager to rekindle your passion for God’s word, this course will help you read, understand, and respond to God’s word in ways that draw you near to Christ and transform your life. 

Class Materials  


Week 1 - Why Believe the Bible and the Big Picture

Week 2 - Old Testament Narrative

Week 3 - The Law and The Prophets

Week 4 - The Gospels

Week 5 - The Epistles