Current Next Steps Classes

How Dwell Works

4-week class (2hr)

Whether you have been attending Dwell for 6 months or 20 years there are probably some important things about the church you haven't heard. Or at least made you think "Why do we do this that way?" The goal of this class is to go over some of the history of the church (how did we get to where we are). Then talk about resources and practices we wish people knew more about. Our goal is to help people thrive in their walks, and in their experience at Dwell. Q&A/AMA with Senior Pastor Ryan Lowery at the end of each week.

$40 standard / $12 reduced


Getting Grounded

5-week class (1hr)

Excited about your new relationship with Jesus but unsure how to grow? This quick-hit class will cover basics on the five main ways believers can strengthen their faith.

$45 standard / $15 reduced


Always Being Ready: A Primer on Defending your Faith

4-week class (1hr 15min)

The ideas of Jesus and the people who follow them are under heavy fire, and the Bible calls us to ready a gentle, firm answer to skeptics and critics. This four-week class open to all will give students some material to combat what people say against God, Jesus, the Bible and the church.  

$40 standard/$12 Reduced


Unleashing the Word

4 week class (1hr 15min)

This course will guide believers into deeper intimacy with God through robust study of the Bible. The four-week class will cover: ways to understand scripture; basics of proper interpretation; defense against common attacks; and strategies for increased depth. Ideal for students who have taken Survey of the Bible and others who want to connect more deeply with God through scripture.

$40 standard/$12 Reduced


Survey of the Bible

5 week class (2hr)

Whether you’re discovering the Bible for the first time, or eager to rekindle your passion for Scripture, this course will help you understand, enjoy and obey God’s Word in ways that draw you near to Christ and transform your life.

$45 standard/$15 reduced