The Word Was with God and the Word Was God: a Course on Christology

Many of us possess enough information about Jesus Christ to state or affirm certain basic doctrines: his membership in the trinity, his incarnation and sacrifice, etc. In spite of this, Jesus remains a somewhat opaque figure in our minds. This course will dive deep into the person, character and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture during these distinct periods: (i) his pre-incarnate activity as the Word, (ii) his incarnation and earthly ministry, (iii) his present place at God’s right hand and (iv) his work in the last days. Students will walk away with not only with more concrete doctrinal understanding but also with a greater heart of praise at the gloriousness of the triune God.

Class Materials


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Week 1: "In the beginning was the word"

Week 2: Pre-Incarnation

Week 3: Incarnation & Earthly Ministry I

Week 4: Incarnation & Earthly Ministry II

Week 5: Seated with the Father, Reigning Forever