Other Wineskins

Each local church has significant differences in both the fields they are reaching and the resources they possess. For this reason, it should not be surprising that there are many different "wineskins" which are effective in church growth. It is important to realize this, since the natural tendency is think that our present "wineskin," if it is effective, is the best way of doing things.

Below are examples of churches which have all enjoyed significant growth, but which have employed a wide variety of "wineskins."

  • New Hope Community Church: Started by Dale Galloway in Portland; focuses on people with "felt needs" as opportunity for outreach; utilizes hundreds of small groups for evangelism; utilizes large meetings for worship
  • Willow Creek: Started by Bill Hybels in suburban Chicago; focuses on corporate male 25-45; utilizes large seeker-sensitive meetings in an impressive, non-churchy building; strong emphasis on friendship evangelism; developed NETWORK to facilitate mobilization of people into suitable ministry; is presently developing home groups for both koinonia and outreach
  • Fellowship Bible Churches: Started by Gene Getz in Dallas; somewhat contemporary worship services centered around solid Bible teaching; strong emphasis on fellowship facilitated by home groups; has successfully utilized Dallas Seminary graduates (where Getz taught) to start several new churches; growth may be largely assimilating Christians, since evangelism is not strongly emphasized
  • Elmbrook: Led by Stuart Briscoe in suburban Milwaukee; traditional worship services with excellent expository preaching; strong line of courses offered, including a branch of TEDS; Briscoe and wife have regular TV show; have successfully daughtered four churches in the Milwaukee area; strong emphasis on foreign missions
  • Bear Valley: Formerly led by Frank Tillapaugh and Paul Borden in Denver; emphasized facilitating laymen starting new ministries; against building larger facility, instead using same facility to house different ethnic congregations
  • Calvary Chapel: Started in Costa Mesa by Chuck Smith who was a key figure in providing acceptance of hippies and direction for the Jesus Movement; moderate charismatic with solid Bible teaching; strong emphasis on domestic church planting. Over 800 churches planted in the U.S.
  • Vineyard: Broke off from Calvary Chapel; John Wimber has emphasized "power evangelism"--relying on Spirit-led encounters rather than persuasion; moderate charismatic large-group worship services and home "kinship" groups for koinonia; Vineyard is a new denomination, starting new churches or assimilating existing groups nationwide