Quick Response Exercise


Dennis McCallum

Make these typical comments into flash cards, and take turns reading one to a member of the group. Just like in a regular conversation, they have 3 seconds to say something that is: Not a lie, not stupid, not offensive, and keeps the conversation going

After one tries his hand at comment, let others suggest alternative approaches. Then try another comment. Teach people to ask questions in return, rather than always trying to answer questions. This exercise works best after a 2 to 4 week study of postmodern thought and presuppositions. Alternatively, analyze and assess the presuppositions underlying each statement.

  • "I can't believe you Christians think everyone needs to be converted except you!"
  • "Do you, or do you not believe Islam is a valid faith in its own right?"
  • "How can you, being a Westerner, pass judgment on a culture far older than your own?"
  • "Nothing is more disrespectful to a culture than a foreign missionary coming in to tell them they have it all wrong."
  • "Are you one of those Christians who believe that if someone doesn't receive Christ he goes to hell?"
  • "I'm a Christian, but I also think Buddhism has a lot to offer."
  • "Every religion thinks it's right and the others are wrong. Now you're saying I should believe you."
  • "So three quarters of the world are wrong, and you're the only ones that have it right. Isn't that a little arrogant?"
  • "I believe every religion is expressing the same truths in different ways."
  • "I believe in Jesus, but I also believe in reincarnation."
  • "So can a practicing homosexual be a part of your church?"
  • "Are you saying God is against homosexuals?"
  • "The Bible says women have to be subservient to men, doesn't it."
  • "Christians have started more wars that anyone."
  • "I believe in Jesus, but I'm not going to say that sincere believers in other religions are going to Hell."