The Antidote to a Life of Despair and Distraction

Brad DuFault
Luke 24:13-34

Diving deeper into the details of the resurrection story, we see that biblical prophecy accurately predicts Christ's death and resurrection. 

Easter 2024: You Can Stand on the Resurrection

Ben Foust
1 Corinthians 15:1-8

Paul writes that the Christian faith rests on Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. Exploring various lines of evidence for the resurrection, we see that we can reasonably believe the bible's depiction of these events. 

The Four Witnesses of Christ's Claims

Conrad Hilario
John 5:24-38

Throughout the Bible, we see that God provides many lines of evidence for why we should believe in Jesus.

The Wedding at Cana

Conrad Hilario
John 2:1-11

Religiosity and ritualism are common behaviors to fall into, but we see in the Bible that God desires a personal, deep, ritual-free relationship with us. 

Meeting The Logos

Dennis McCallum
John 1:1-17

Dennis explores what John meant by Jesus being the Logos or the Word. John states all things came into being through Jesus. This means He is, among other things, infinite, eternal and outside of His creation and not subject to its physical laws. He is the bringer of life and light to the world. When the Word became flesh, we could see His glory, grace and truth.

The Good Shepherd

Mike Sullivan
Ezekiel 34:1-24

To follow Jesus, we must first determine if we are willing to be led, and then decide if Christ is a leader worth following.

Results of God Becoming Human

Jim Leffel
Hebrews 2:5-18

Christ's death solved humanity's problem of sin by presenting victory over issues that only God can fix, paying a debt that humans cannot pay, and demonstrating his love and justice to us.

The Book in Brief

Jim Leffel
Hebrews 1:1-3

The beginning of Hebrews paints a picture of who Christ is and what He has done for us.

What is a Christian

Ryan Lowery
1 Corinthians 15:1-19

Paul lays out what concepts in the scriptures are essential doctrine, such as being saved by faith alone, or believing in the resurrection of Christ. We do not need to believe in non-essential doctrine in order to be a Christian, but Lowery posits that there is still benefit in wrestling with God through these non-essential concepts.