Meeting The Logos

Dennis McCallum
John 1:1-17

Dennis explores what John meant by Jesus being the Logos or the Word. John states all things came into being through Jesus. This means He is, among other things, infinite, eternal and outside of His creation and not subject to its physical laws. He is the bringer of life and light to the world. When the Word became flesh, we could see His glory, grace and truth.

The Evident God

Ben Foust
Romans 1:18-20

Paul says God has made Himself know to people, but people try to ignore and even suppress this knowledge. God has revealed His existence and nature through creation, particularly the nature of man, displaying intelligent, intricate design. If we will move toward, not away from this revelation, we will not only find a cogent explanation for why we are the way we are, but we open the door to a personal relationship with our creator.

The Speaking God

Gary DeLashmutt
Psalms 19

There are two ways God speaks to us, through His creation and through His Word, the Bible. The Word of God speaks much more clearly to us than His creation. The Word is more accurate than His revelation through creation. Two key responses to God's Word are having humility and speaking God's Word to yourself and others.

Should Women Lead and Teach in Christian Community?

Conrad Hilario
1 Timothy 2:1-15

The traditional interpretation of this difficult passage has some major hermeneutical obstacles that require one take a fresh look at the true meaning of this passage. The presence of early Gnostic heresy that taught Eve came before Adam and gave him life was evident in Ephesus at this time. Paul was countering this heresy by forbidding women from teaching this particular false doctrine. He was not forbidding women to lead or teach men because clearly the Bible has many examples of women leaders and teachers.

Can Women Be Leaders and Teachers?

James Rochford
1 Timothy 2:1-15

The traditional interpretation of this passage that says women cannot teach or lead in the church has major hermeneutical, empirical and historical problems. In Ephesus there is evidence proto-gnostic heresy was taking hold especially in the women. Women were spreading the myth that Eve actually came first and brought forth Adam. The Greek word for "exercise authority" also can mean "be the originator of" depending upon the context. The context was the creation order! Adam came before Eve. Paul was not forbidding women to teach or lead but he was forbidding them to teach that woman came before man.

A Key Passage for Women

Dennis McCallum
1 Timothy 2:1-15

Dennis McCallum explains a problem passage that has historically been poorly interpreted by the church. Paul is not forbidding women to teach or lead but he is forbidding them to spread false doctrine and myths that Eve was created first and gave life to Adam. This is the only passage in the whole Bible that appears to forbid women from teaching and leading but when one does an in depth study of the Greek, one discovers things are not as they first seem. The traditional view of this passage violates multiple hermeneutical rules.

Faith Is Not Wishful Thinking

James Rochford
1 Peter 3:15

Atheistic scientists in the world cannot explain the origin of the universe, nor the fine-tuning we see in the universe or the reality of objective morality or free will. Only the Bible gives a satisfying and reasonable explanation for the complexity we see all around us.

Giving an Account

Dennis McCallum
1 Peter 3:15

Christians are called to be able to give a reasonable account for the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Because of the incredible complexity of reproducing life on earth, we have a powerful evidence of a designer of life. Even world-renowned biological scientists who were atheists became convinced of a divine creator after studying how some of the building blocks of life can only come into existence from already living biological systems. Only living cells can program and produce many of the proteins, carbohydrates, and enzymes necessary for life. This begs the question then where did the first fully functional, reproducing cell come from but a Creator?

The One Thing

Mike Sullivan
Psalms 27

From where did David's courage come? It came from being near to God. The one thing he was passionate about was to be near to God all the days of his life. Because David saw God in nature, in the things He had made, and in his Word, he was able to draw courage even in times of great difficulty and ongoing crisis. Because David could see the goodness of God in the land of the living, he could pour out his heart to God and recount what he knew of God and be at peace as he waited on the Lord.