The Power of Putting Others First

Ryan Lowery
Ephesians 3:13-21

While he is in the midst of his own difficult circumstances, Paul encourages the believers to endure hardship and give glory to God.

A Tale of Two Kings

Scott Risley
2 Samuel 1

King David and King Saul chose different paths. King Saul refused to obey God and was surprised when in need, God did not answer him. He even went so far as to consult a spiritual medium for advice. But David, even after going his own way for a time, turned back to God and heard from Him when he called upon Him.

Saul Falls Short

Conrad Hilario
1 Samuel 11-15

Although God chose Saul to be king, not because of any innate abilities of Saul, but because God chose to elevate him to ruler of the Israelites, Saul never viewed himself the way God viewed him. He believed he had to prove himself to be king material instead of trusting in God's ability to make him a worthy king. This led to Saul making many foolish, fearful decisions that went against God's commands and thus leading to him losing his role as king.

The Call

Jim Leffel
Jeremiah 1:1-19

The calling of Jeremiah to speak the word of God to the people of his day also applies to us today as followers of Christ. God addresses Jeremiah's fears involved in this call. \r\n

Power Through Weakness

Mike Sullivan
2 Corinthians 11:21-12:10

God says His power works best in weakness. When we depend on our own strength, we are rejecting God's superior strength. Sometimes God sends a "thorn in the flesh" to bring us to a point where we will accept His strength over our own. If we can see our weakness, we can receive salvation.

How the Spirit Helps

Ben Foust
Romans 8:12-17

This section of Romans emphasizes that spiritual growth comes from our personal relationship with God, not from a formulaic set of actions that we perform.

Raising a Supernaturalist

Ryan Weingartner
Romans 8:12-17

Ryan Weingartner identifies helpful tips for raising children who are aware of God in their daily lives. From reading the Bible to analyzing pop culture, he gives creative options for turning children's attention to the Lord.

Who Built the Wall?

Patrice McCormac
Nehemiah 3

Nehemiah, who led the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, took pains to list the names of ordinary people who worked side by side each other to repair the ruined walls in a record 52 days. This illustrates three spiritual principles. One, God often works through ordinary people doing ordinary tasks, two, they are dependent upon each other, and three, together they can accomplish something extraordinary.

The Ministry of Reconciliation, Part 1 & 2

Gary DeLashmutt
2 Corinthians 6:1-10

Having received reconciliation through Christ, God offers us the ministry of reconciliation. Not only are we to speak the message of reconciliation, but we are to live in a way that validates the message. We demonstrate the reality of our faith in Christ by our costly commitment, our genuine godliness, and our dependence upon God. This results in a paradoxical quality of life where some will thank us and some will vilify us. We will live difficult lives, but our quality of life is ensured by our relationship with God.