Valley of Dry Bones

Chris Hearty
Ezekiel 37:1-27

Although many of the prophecies in Ezekiel 37 have been doubted throughout time, we see that many of these unlikely prophecies have already come to pass.

Jesus and His Brothers

Danny Walker
John 7:1-10

In John 7, we see Jesus' brothers egging Jesus to go into Judea and show Himself to the world. They did not believe in Him and were acting out of their fleshly or worldly mindset. But Jesus did not go at that time because he was waiting upon God's leading and timing. After His crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus appeared to a number of His followers and His brothers. Jesus' hardship has turned to joy now that His brothers believe in Him. As followers of Jesus, we also are called to wait upon God and act in step with the Spirit.

Lament: Faith Seeking Understanding

Jim Leffel
Jeremiah 15:10-21

Jeremiah laments to God about several of his doubts, and God responds to each one by reassuring Jeremiah of His presence and power.

The Call

Jim Leffel
Jeremiah 1:1-19

The calling of Jeremiah to speak the word of God to the people of his day also applies to us today as followers of Christ. God addresses Jeremiah's fears involved in this call. \r\n

God's Provision for Them and for Us

Dennis McCallum
Exodus 15-17

God provides for His people, then and now. He provides daily what we need for physical sustenance in the way of food and water. But He also gives us what we need for spiritual life. He gives us a beginning point for spiritual life by offering us forgiveness through Jesus and also for ongoing growth. Just like our physical needs, our spiritual needs must be replenished daily.

God Prepares Moses

Conrad Hilario
Exodus 4:29-7:6

In the process of preparing Moses for the great he would eventually do, God had to teach him some lessons on failure. Moses needed to learn to not be careless with the words of God, to say exactly what God said. Moses needed to learn to follow God despite rejection, whether from Pharaoh or his own people. Moses learned that fear of failure is opposed to faith, but he can go to God when he does fail. Moses discovered El Shaddai is the God who is sufficient for our personal inadequacies.

The God Who Uses Our Failures

James Rochford
Exodus 4:21-7:6

We often think like Moses did that God's ability to use us in His plans is limited by our shortcomings, but God doesn't need us or our pitiful capabilities to accomplish His work. Moses learned through failure that he must follow God before he can teach others how to follow God. Moses learned not to improve upon God's words. He learned to to follow God despite rejection by Pharaoh and even his own people. Moses learned to follow God in spite of all his problems and limitations.

The God Who Chooses Failures

James Rochford
Exodus 2:11-4:20

The story of God calling Moses from the burning bush teaches us that God doesn't choose people based on their abilities and in fact He chooses people who are failures by the world's standards. In spite of all of Moses' doubts, fears, past failures and present shortcomings, God had a plan for Moses that was not hindered by his issues. At eighty years of age, Moses' story wasn't over yet, and neither is yours!

Getting More Ready

Dennis McCallum
Exodus 4:24-6:19

After God meets Moses at the burning bush, He commissions Moses to go to Pharaoh to seek the release of His people. Moses tries to get out of the assignment but God has chosen Moses, but not for all his natural talents and abilities. God had been preparing Moses for this for his whole life even though Moses could not see the big picture. In the end, Moses trusts God enough to go back to Egypt and confront Pharaoh.