The Light of the World

Scott Risley
John 8:12-59

Jesus came into the world because people were walking in darkness,  He came and offered the light of eternal life, but they shut their eyes.  Will you open your eyes and let His light in?

A Tale of Two Temples

James Rochford
John 2:12-25

 Jesus felt anger at the religious leaders who were taking advantage of the people coming to worship God at the temple.  This story of Jesus cleansing the temple of the money changers can bring comfort to anyone who has ever been hurt by someone in the church.  Jesus feels anger toward anyone who hurts another person.

The Problem of Evil

Brian Adams
Job 40

When wrestling with the problem of evil, one must recognize one's limits. None of us have the whole picture of what God is doing in the midst of our suffering. A focus on heaven will transform the way we view suffering. Remember that God suffers with you and for you. The cross is a constant reminder that God is familiar with suffering and understands any suffering we go through.

Do Not Quench the Spirit

Lee Campbell
1 Thessalonians 5:19-22

It can be difficult to understand the meaning of the command to not quench the Spirit since it is put in the negative. If we change it to the positive it may be better understood. To not quench the Spirit means to walk in and keep in step with the Spirit by glorifying God, following His leadership and by pursuing righteousness.

Overcome Evil with Good

Ben Foust
Romans 12:14-21

Instead of paying back evil with evil, Paul commands Christians to pay back evil with good so that others may come to know Christ better.

The Rise of the Antichrist and the End of the World

Scott Risley
2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Paul follows up a previous letter to a relatively new Christian community in Thessalonica that had been upset by some false information spread about the antichrist and the end of the world. Paul reminds them of what he had taught them earlier about all the signs to look for of the end of the age and reassures them they had not missed the rapture.

The Justice of God

Scott Risley
2 Thessalonians 1:1-9

The suffering Christians experience from living in a fallen world will be evidence God presents in the last days when He returns to put the whole world on trial for rejecting His offer of forgiveness. God's righteousness demands He punish evil. Although Hell is an uncomfortable topic, it is real and no one goes there that did not make a choice to reject the alternative, Heaven.

The God Who Is Morally Separate

James Rochford
Exodus 19:1-25

Humans compare themselves to each other when evaluating their relative morality. They tend to put themselves half way between Hitler and Mother Teresa, but when we compare ourselves to God's standard of morality, we are all on the same level. No one can come to God on their own merits. The question is whether you want to have Moses of the Law (fear and trembling) or Jesus (forgiveness, security) as your mediator ?

Good and Evil Are Real

Dennis McCallum
Exodus 20:1-11

Good and evil are objectively real. They are not a social construct. We cannot control or dictate what is moral or not. We were created by an infinite, personal God who knows better than we do what is good for us.