Four Promises on the Final Night

James Rochford
John 14:1-17:23

On his final night with his disciples, Jesus lays out intimidating commands and predictions, but also robust promises. He promises them "another advocate"--the Holy Spirit--the words of God, prayer, and unifying fellowship. These promises stand for Christians today as they face the challenges of serving God.

Four Witnesses to Jesus' Authenticity

Dennis McCallum
John 5:31-47

Blind faith is believing in something for no good reason.  God does not ask us for blind faith but a reason-based faith.  He abundantly gives us good reasons to believe in Him and what He says in Scripture.


Jim Leffel
Hebrews 10:19-11:6

The writer of Hebrews is warning his listeners that if they continue to willfully reject the offer of forgiveness that Jesus extends, there is no other means of salvation.  There is only the terrifying expectation of judgment.

The War Between Faith and Feelings

James Rochford
John 4:45-54

When it comes to taking Jesus at His word, we want the feelings to come first, but God wants us to take a step of faith first.  When we step out in faith first, the feeling come afterward and our faith grows exponentially.

Faith vs. FAITH

Dennis McCallum
John 4:46-54

Growing in faith works the same today as it did in Jesus' time.  A seeking person hears the Word of God and believes and takes a step of faith.  God confirms His Word and the seeker's faith grows bigger.

The Shrewd Manager

Lee Campbell
Luke 16:1-13

The parable of the shrewd manager is not praising the manager's unrighteous tactics, but his shrewdness. Nothing we have truly belongs to us. Like the manager, we should shrewdly "make friends" with our worldly resources so that they can join us in the next life.

'Pestering' God

Lee Campbell
Luke 18:1-8

If the unjust judge gave the persistent widow her justice, how much more will God, a just judge, give us justice? This parable teaches us to keep praying to God and to keep waiting on God.


Ryan Lowery
Ephesians 2:1-10

Our love for God and our gratitude for Jesus' sacrifice are the only motivators that will help us to successfully follow God's will.

Friendship and Dating God's Way

Ryan Lowery
Ruth 1:1-3:14

Throughout the book of Ruth, we see the ways God is able to both provide for us and work through us when we follow His ways.