Ben Foust
Psalms 51:1-19

Psalm 51 shows us that no matter how far we stray from God, we can turn to Him in repentance and be forgiven. This is possible because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. 

King David's Downfall

Scott Risley
2 Samuel 11-12

David learns that if temptations are not dealt with immediately, the desires they stimulate give birth to sinful actions. When he hid his sin, he was miserable, but when he turned back to God, he received grace and mercy. There still were severe consequences but also new birth, a son, Solomon.

Fall & Restoration of David

James Rochford
2 Samuel 11-12

In this chapter of King David's life, we see he has lost his focus on God and fallen into lust and laziness. He missed every escape opportunity. When confronted by Nathan the Prophet, he repents and admits his sin is against God first and foremost. He does not blame-shift or minimize, but instead he is honest and accepts responsibility and the consequences of his actions.

Two Lost Sons

Patrice McCormac
Luke 15:11-132

The parable of the prodigal son is really about the extravagant love of the father. Jesus is reproaching the self-righteous Pharisees for thinking their moral righteousness is what gets them right with God instead of the humble repentance eventually displayed by the younger son

What Is God Like?

Dennis McCallum
Luke 15

Because Jesus' critics do not understand what God is like, He gives them three parables to challenge their wrong understanding. In the first two, He recounts the joy one feels when something valuable is lost and then found. The third is the parable of the prodigal son, which actually is about the grace and mercy the father has for not only his reprobate son who, after squandering his inheritance, returns repentant, but also for the ungrateful son who remained behind.

Get A Reality Check

Lee Campbell
Ezekiel 18:1-32

We see in Ezekiel 18 that first we need to be humbled in order to admit our sin against God and to call out to Him for forgiveness

Overcome Evil with Good

Ben Foust
Romans 12:14-21

Instead of paying back evil with evil, Paul commands Christians to pay back evil with good so that others may come to know Christ better.

Conflict and Identity

Liz Sweet
Romans 12:14-21

We all experience conflict. We will focus on how God can use conflict in our lives as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our identity in Him.

Big God, Big Verdict

Lee Campbell
Romans 12:14-21

We explore how growing in our fear of the Lord helps us grow in our understanding of our identity.