When God Offers to Heal You, Say Yes

Brian Adams
John 5:1-24

We have ample evidence the Bible is trustworthy, so when God makes us an offer, we should say yes without hesitancy, excuses, or complaining.  The religious mentality is catastrophic to our spiritual life, whereas, living under grace is the best way to live.

Unity in a Divided World

Mike Woods
1 Corinthians 1:10-17

When God transforms and unifies people and groups so they love each other and practice grace, the results are like a beautiful symphony that is attractive to others.

Meeting The Logos

Dennis McCallum
John 1:1-17

Dennis explores what John meant by Jesus being the Logos or the Word. John states all things came into being through Jesus. This means He is, among other things, infinite, eternal and outside of His creation and not subject to its physical laws. He is the bringer of life and light to the world. When the Word became flesh, we could see His glory, grace and truth.

David a Man After God's Heart?

James Rochford
2 Samuel 23

In spite of David's grievous sins, he was still considered a man after God's heart. He knew how to talk honestly with God. He pointed people to God. He understood and accepted God's grace.

The Kindness of the King

Scott Risley
2 Samuel 9

The kindness King David showed to Jonathan's son Mephibosheth is a picture of God's grace. Just as King David searched for and called Mephibosheth and gave him abundant gifts and honor, so does God seek, call and give extravagantly to all who respond to Him.

Mephibosheth: A Lesson In God's Grace

James Rochford
2 Samuel 9

The story of Mephibosheth is a lesson in God's grace. God in His grace pursues us even though we have done nothing to deserve His gifts. We deserve death but He gives us everlasting life. His grace blows away our anticipations.

God's Lovingkindness

Conrad Hilario
2 Samuel 9

God's lovingkindness can transform us by inspiring our loyalty, by inspiring grateful trust, and by liberating us from envy. Jonathan's son, Mephibosheth, knew that he deserved nothing good from King David, but David lavished him with blessings because he had made a covenant with Jonathan to take care of Jonathan's family when he became king.

How Salvation Works

Ryan Lowery
Ephesians 1:1-14

Ephesians opens up with the message that our salvation through Christ is the basis of our faith and spiritual growth.

Sharing in God's Good News

Ben Foust
Romans 15:13-16:27

In the closing verses of Paul's letter, we can catch a glimpse of what was going on in the early Church at the time.