Spiritual Brokenness

James Rochford
John 12:12-36

In order for a kernel of wheat to bear fruit, it must fall to the ground and die.  It needs to be broken open.  So too, do followers of Jesus need to be broken to bear fruit.  Jesus uses the difficult circumstances that come into our lives to break our outer selves to let the light of Jesus to shine through.

King Messiah Enters Jerusalem

Brian Adams
John 12:12-36

Jesus, defying the crowd's expectation of Him, enters Jerusalem riding upon a donkey.  The crowd cheers for Him this day, but in a few short days, in their disappointment, will be demanding for His crucifixion.

I Must Decrease so That He Might Increase

Conrad Hilario
John 3:22-30

Reflecting on John the Baptist’s attitude towards Jesus, we see he is characterized by humility. This is an attitude that all followers of God should strive for. 

John the Baptist's Greatest Quality

James Rochford
John 1:19-37

Some people think humility is being weak, shy, timid or putting yourself down but that is not biblical humility. By studying John the Baptist we can answer these three questions about humility. What is humility? Why would we want humility? How do we learn humility?

John the Baptist

Brian Adams
John 1:19-37

John the Baptist testified that he was not the Messiah but that he was paving the way for Him. He cultivated a lifestyle of humility by never trying to any fame for being the Messiah's announcer. We can cultivate a mindset of humility by thanking God for who He is, by learning what God says about us, and considering how to serve others.

The Pharisee and the Publican

Patrice McCormac
Luke 18:9-14

While the Pharisee exalted himself, the tax collector humbled himself before God and was declared righteous. Pride ignored prevents us from experiencing God's love and care. Pride leads to exalting oneself which leads to being painfully humbled, but humbling oneself leads to being exalted by God.

Leadership and Humility

Mike Sullivan
1 Peter 5:1-7

Peter teaches that the most effective component of leadership is humility. The path to leadership isn't up, but down. Leaders who know how to humbly follow other leaders make better leaders. God graces humble leaders with protection, empowerment to serve, and many other good things. Whether you desire to become a leader or not, we all are called to "clothe (our)selves with humility."

Two Lost Sons

Patrice McCormac
Luke 15:11-132

The parable of the prodigal son is really about the extravagant love of the father. Jesus is reproaching the self-righteous Pharisees for thinking their moral righteousness is what gets them right with God instead of the humble repentance eventually displayed by the younger son

A Level Playing Field

Ryan Lowery
Ephesians 2:11-22

Paul calls us to remember who we were before Christ, and to approach the world with humility and love.