Four Key Reminders for the Church

Patrice McCormac
1 Corinthians 16:1-20

The four key reminders for the church are to be intentionally generous, have an active faith, develop a heart of spiritual leadership and followership and recognize you are part of something bigger than yourself.

The Good Shepherd

James Rochford
John 10:1-31

Why would you want Jesus to lead your life? If you have trusted Him for eternal life, then you can trust Him to be a strong, personal, sacrificial, wise and humble leader. Why would you settle for less?

The Good Shepherd

Dennis McCallum
John 10:1-31

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep who recognize His voice.  The thief comes to kill and destroy but Jesus comes to give abundant life.  Are you ready to meet the Good Shepherd?

Leadership Lessons from David

Scott Risley
2 Samuel 23

We can learn some important lessons from King David regarding leadership, not that he was a perfect leader at all times but that he knew how to turn back to God when he failed. We can study David because he knew how to mobilize others to lead. He pointed people to God. He modeled servant leadership.

Leadership and Humility

Mike Sullivan
1 Peter 5:1-7

Peter teaches that the most effective component of leadership is humility. The path to leadership isn't up, but down. Leaders who know how to humbly follow other leaders make better leaders. God graces humble leaders with protection, empowerment to serve, and many other good things. Whether you desire to become a leader or not, we all are called to "clothe (our)selves with humility."

Do Not Quench the Spirit

Lee Campbell
1 Thessalonians 5:19-22

It can be difficult to understand the meaning of the command to not quench the Spirit since it is put in the negative. If we change it to the positive it may be better understood. To not quench the Spirit means to walk in and keep in step with the Spirit by glorifying God, following His leadership and by pursuing righteousness.

The Heart of a King

Scott Risley
1 Samuel 11-16

When the Israelites demanded a king, they looked at the outward appearances but God looks inward at the heart. The people saw Saul, tall, handsome and wealthy and desired him for their king, but he did not trust God nor obeyed Him. After God rejected Saul as king, He chose David, a man after His own heart.

God's New Man

Dennis McCallum
1 Samuel 15-17

After Saul's repeated disobedience to God's commands, God picks a new leader, the young shepherd boy, David. When the armies of God are being defied by the Philistine giant, Goliath, David trusts God to give Goliath into his hand even though he is only armed with a stone and a sling. Where the entire Israelite army cowered in fear, David had a divine perspective and was willing to do something audacious.

We Want a King!

Scott Risley
1 Samuel 8-10

The calling of Saul can teach us important lessons in spiritual leadership. Servant leaders need to prepare ahead of their calling and must be willing to be different. God calls them to cling to these three truths of spiritual leadership: Listen to Me and I will supply all you need, these people are Mine, and I love you.