The Pharisee and the Publican

Patrice McCormac
Luke 18:9-14

While the Pharisee exalted himself, the tax collector humbled himself before God and was declared righteous. Pride ignored prevents us from experiencing God's love and care. Pride leads to exalting oneself which leads to being painfully humbled, but humbling oneself leads to being exalted by God.

Choosing the Lesser Place

Mike Woods
Luke 14:7-11

God has a a challenging call to action for Christians. He calls us to humble ourselves and intentionally take the lower place rather than seek the place of honor. He promises to exalt those who humble themselves and to humble those who exalt themselves.

The Heart of a King

Scott Risley
1 Samuel 11-16

When the Israelites demanded a king, they looked at the outward appearances but God looks inward at the heart. The people saw Saul, tall, handsome and wealthy and desired him for their king, but he did not trust God nor obeyed Him. After God rejected Saul as king, He chose David, a man after His own heart.

God's New Man

Dennis McCallum
1 Samuel 15-17

After Saul's repeated disobedience to God's commands, God picks a new leader, the young shepherd boy, David. When the armies of God are being defied by the Philistine giant, Goliath, David trusts God to give Goliath into his hand even though he is only armed with a stone and a sling. Where the entire Israelite army cowered in fear, David had a divine perspective and was willing to do something audacious.

Big God, Big Verdict

Lee Campbell
1 Samuel 15-17

We explore how growing in our fear of the Lord helps us grow in our understanding of our identity.

Clothe Yourself with Humility

Ben Foust
1 Peter 5:5-7

Peter calls on all Christians to clothe themselves with humility because a humble mindset is essential equipment for the "fiery ordeals' we will encounter. He calls us to be humble toward God, those "over' us, those "under" us, one another, and toward our worries. This is God's way! Although it is hard on the pride, it is the way of truth and freedom and confidence.

The Downward Call of God

Mike Woods
Luke 14:7-11

Since God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble, He will lower those who lift themselves up and He will raise up those who lower themselves. God calls us to make a clear choice to not seek honor, recognition or top position. If we humble ourselves, in the right time, God will exalts us.

The Divine Justice of the Plagues

Conrad Hilario
Exodus 7-10

The ten plagues of Egypt were not just God's judgment against Pharaoh but also against Egypt's many gods. Each plague revealed the impotence of each of their gods and the power of the one true God. God was very patient with Pharaoh and gave him many chances to humble himself but Pharaoh remained prideful even to the very end when he lost his firstborn son. Although he allowed the Jews to leave, he then pursued them to the Red Seas and perished there with his whole army.

Vanishing Returns of Life Away from God

Dennis McCallum
Ephesians 4:17-24

Before one becomes a Christian, they are living for self, and have put sensuality at the center of their life. Sensuality always demands more and more to satisfy. Thus, the Law of Vanishing Returns. But as a Christian, one learns to set aside self and be renewed in the spirit of one's mind. By pursuing God and being transformed by His love, Christians become more like God and grow in their ability to love and serve others like He does.