Judging Jesus

Scott Risley
John 7:1-52

Who is Jesus? A good man?  A deceiver?  A demon-processed man? Or is He the Messiah He claimed to be who can give rivers of living water to anyone who believes in Him?  Search the Scriptures for yourself and see!

Does Jesus Speak for God?

Dennis McCallum
John 7:1-52

Every person must decide on the identity of Jesus.  Was He a good man? Was He a deceiver? Was He insane? Or was He who He said He was, the Messiah?  Not making a decision IS making a decision!

Four Witnesses to Jesus' Authenticity

Dennis McCallum
John 5:31-47

Blind faith is believing in something for no good reason.  God does not ask us for blind faith but a reason-based faith.  He abundantly gives us good reasons to believe in Him and what He says in Scripture.

Testing the Claims of Jesus

James Rochford
John 5:31-40

Predictive prophecy is a powerful witness to the validity of the  outrageous claims of Jesus.  With a little bit of studying Scripture, one can discern that the ninth chapter of the book of Daniel accurately predicts the year the Messiah would be killed.  Jesus died on the cross the very year that Daniel predicted hundreds of years earlier.

Ezekiel Sees a Bright Future

Mike Sullivan
Ezekiel 37:1-21

God gives us fulfilled predictive prophecy not to entertain us but to break through our complacency so that we will seek Him.

The Cleansing of the Temple

Conrad Hilario
John 2:13-19

Jesus compares his body to the Jewish temple, signifying that He is the "living temple" and that all people can come to God through Him. 

John the Baptist

Brian Adams
John 1:19-37

John the Baptist testified that he was not the Messiah but that he was paving the way for Him. He cultivated a lifestyle of humility by never trying to any fame for being the Messiah's announcer. We can cultivate a mindset of humility by thanking God for who He is, by learning what God says about us, and considering how to serve others.

God's Message

Mike Sullivan
Ezekiel 2:8-4:3

God gave Ezekiel a message to share with the exiles. It was a difficult message and the exiles were difficult people to whom to give an unpleasant message. But God promises to give us His strength and guidance to do this task of sharing His message.

When God Says "No"

Scott Risley
2 Samuel 7

Just because God says, "No," does not mean you asked for the wrong thing, or God does not love or care for you. Sometimes, God has something better for you. Can you trust Him and wait patiently for what He has for you? If you can, you just might see Him come through in ways you never imagined!