God's Message

Mike Sullivan
Ezekiel 2:8-4:3

God gave Ezekiel a message to share with the exiles. It was a difficult message and the exiles were difficult people to whom to give an unpleasant message. But God promises to give us His strength and guidance to do this task of sharing His message.

Three Responses to God's Goodness

Patrice McCormac
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Regardless of our circumstances, we are called to have three responses to God's goodness. First, we are challenged to rejoice always in Christ no matter how good or bad are the circumstances. It is a choice we make to see God at work in the midst of our circumstances. Second, we are to pray without ceasing. We are to have an ongoing conversation with God throughout the day. Third, we must give thanks in everything, but not for everything. We have only to look at the cross to see our source of thankfulness.

How Paul Engaged with People

Mike Woods
1 Thessalonians 2:1-13

Paul paints a picture of how he interacted with the Thessalonians as an example of what Christian relationships should look like. His message was the Gospel. His motivation was to please God and serve others. His means was to be both nurturing and challenging.

What Is It About this Church?

Patrice McCormac
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Paul writes to the Thessalonians to express his gratitude for their radical lifestyle for Christ and their decisive response to the Gospel. He thanks God for their work of faith, their labor of love and their steadfastness of hope. He recognizes God was at work in their community and He came in power and in the Holy Spirit. He rejoices that the word of the Lord sounded forth because they received the Gospel with joy and gave it away wherever they went.

The Justice of God

Scott Risley
2 Thessalonians 1:1-9

The suffering Christians experience from living in a fallen world will be evidence God presents in the last days when He returns to put the whole world on trial for rejecting His offer of forgiveness. God's righteousness demands He punish evil. Although Hell is an uncomfortable topic, it is real and no one goes there that did not make a choice to reject the alternative, Heaven.

Good to Great

Jim Leffel
Hebrews 1:4-2:4

Paul mentions angels and the unseen world, breaks down the process of salvation, and warns his audience not to stray from this good news.

Race and the Gospel

Fillipe do Vale
Hebrews 1:4-2:4

Today, race serves to divide one type of church, one type of Christian, one type of theology from another. Lamentable as this is, it is theologically insufficient.

Becoming Peacemakers

Ken Sande
Hebrews 1:4-2:4

The Book in Brief

Jim Leffel
Hebrews 1:1-3

The beginning of Hebrews paints a picture of who Christ is and what He has done for us.