Jim Leffel
Hebrews 10:19-11:6

The writer of Hebrews is warning his listeners that if they continue to willfully reject the offer of forgiveness that Jesus extends, there is no other means of salvation.  There is only the terrifying expectation of judgment.

John the Baptist's Greatest Quality

James Rochford
John 1:19-37

Some people think humility is being weak, shy, timid or putting yourself down but that is not biblical humility. By studying John the Baptist we can answer these three questions about humility. What is humility? Why would we want humility? How do we learn humility?

Choosing the Lesser Place

Mike Woods
Luke 14:7-11

God has a a challenging call to action for Christians. He calls us to humble ourselves and intentionally take the lower place rather than seek the place of honor. He promises to exalt those who humble themselves and to humble those who exalt themselves.

A Tale of Two Kings

Scott Risley
2 Samuel 1

King David and King Saul chose different paths. King Saul refused to obey God and was surprised when in need, God did not answer him. He even went so far as to consult a spiritual medium for advice. But David, even after going his own way for a time, turned back to God and heard from Him when he called upon Him.

A Tale of Two Kings

James Rochford
1 Samuel 28-31

David continually put his trust in God and not in his own abilities, whereas Saul turned to go his own way and ultimately lost the kingship. David did not let fear rule his life, but Saul was consumed by fear and jealousy of David. David drew his strength from God and His Word, but Saul turned to spiritists and mediums.

David On the Run

Scott Risley
1 Samuel 21-25

When the waiting on God becomes weeks, months, even years, will you take matters into your own hands or will you actively wait upon the Lord? Will you trust God to bring you spiritual friends while repeatedly seeking God in prayer? Will you refrain from repaying evil with evil while remembering the times God has come through?

Why Does David Spare Saul's Life?

James Rochford
1 Samuel 24-26

Even though David was the anointed king, he refused to lift his hand against Saul who was unrighteously trying to kill David. David trusted in God's authority, justice, timing and mercy.

Spiritual Friendships

Scott Risley
1 Samuel 18-20

Spiritual friendships are impossible if there is unbridled anger or envy present. Replace the fear underlying the anger and envy with service. If you are under attack from an angry person, first, get out of an unsafe situation. Then, try to do good and be humble, and let the situation fuel your prayer life. Spiritual friendships take initiative, encouragement plus affection, and sacrifice plus vulnerability.

David and Goliath

Scott Risley
1 Samuel 17

Everyone faces giants in their life at some time. God prepared David to face his giant, Goliath, by teaching him to trust in Him as he faced the lions and bears that attacked the sheep David guarded in the fields. David acknowledged that the God who rescued him from the paw of the lion and bear would also rescue him from Goliath. The battles he faced as a shepherd prepared him to face giants in the future.