Serving Deployed Families (SDF)

The Dwell ministry, Serving Deployed Families, works to demonstrate in word and deed how Christ’s love meets the unique needs of the local military community. We endeavor to faithfully adorn the gospel in order to open doors for sharing the gospel and guide service members’ families into vibrant Christian community.

Serving Deployed Families forms connections with families to help relieve the at-home family’s stress as well as the deployed soldier, and may help with transition upon the service member's return. The unique needs of families when a parent is deployed are just like that of a single-parent family yet larger. If in harm’s way, the service member has the weight of worry on their shoulders. They are thinking of their family’s needs at home in addition to what they face.

Meetings: Monthly prayer meetings occur on the third Sunday of every month. 


If you’d like to volunteer or join the Google group for the Serving Deployed Families ministry, please contact Mary Weaver privately with your email address.