Missions Mobilizers

Missions Mobilizers exist to increase awareness and involvement in missions in the context of a Dwell home church. A Mobilizer is an individual or individuals from a home church in charge of connecting their home church with what Dwell is doing in missions. This individual or individuals are in charge of bringing updates about global missions to the home church’s weekly prayer meeting. They will also mobilize the home church to sign up for missions newsletters, attend fundraising or informational events, participate in prayer meetings, and encourage people to contribute to the Global Partnership Fund. Mobilizers may volunteer for the role but should work in cooperation with their leadership team on how to serve in this capacity.

We encourage Mobilizers to subscribe to our missions newsletter which contains suggested information and prayer requests to announce at the home church prayer meeting. The information for these meetings can be gathered from newsletters, the missions division, missionaries, and other means. Mobilizers should also attend the Quarterly Missions Night. Mobilizers will work with the respective home church leaders about when and how often they would like to hear updates regarding missions.

Mobilizers are encouraged to discover and utilize creative missions-related ideas to use in the context of their home church. Some suggestions include:

  • Give brief prayer updates (2-5min) every week about a different Global Partner.
  • Occasionally present a 10-minute Missions Highlight of a country or people group where our global partners and missionaries are located.
  • Encourage your home group to adopt a Dwell Global Partner for a year by financially supporting that ministry. Set a financial goal to attain by the end of the year.
  • Notify home church of missionary and Global Partner presentations and fundraisers.