Akili Principal Shares Update

Dwell’s new school, Akili Christian High School, has been open with its first class of students, meeting in-person since mid-July. We checked in with Principal Ari Adkins to get an update on this new venture:

In general how has it been going?
It's been going incredibly well! Our staff members feel like they've gotten excellent time to build relationships with the students. This class is spiritually hungry and very interested in learning more about God, with lots and lots of questions. Students are excited to meet in person and are building good relationships with staff. They especially enjoy having 10 minutes every 40 minutes to be outdoors! 

How are the students doing with COVID restrictions?
We've been pleased with how they’ve been following the COVID precautions. We are working on developing incentives for them to continue following them as well. And we have a strike system in place for students if they don't follow them too.

How do you see God working? How is He being glorified?
It's been enjoyable to pray for our students together as a staff each morning and see God answer our prayers quickly. These students have a lot of questions about God that we're tackling together in Bible class, specifically about the person of Jesus, eternal security, end times, etc. 

Any kinks you've had to work out?
Technology difficulties (dead Chromebooks, Zoom, etc.) that were unexpected. The normal chaos of running a brand-new school. We've been grateful for transportation volunteers stepping up and making transportation go way more smoothly than expected, though! 

Anything else you want to add? 
We are so grateful for everyone praying! We have 2-3 students who we do not think are believers that we would like prayer for specifically. We could use more transportation volunteers, if you’re looking for a way to serve the school. Also, you can serve us by praying for us—we offer a prayer newsletter where you can stay up-to-date on our successes and challenges.