Dwell & Akili Offer Summer Intern Program

Students at Akili Christian High School go back to school next week, with some having spent their summer taking part in a new initiative, working for Dwell as interns. A couple of students worked with the Dwell Facilities Department and another worked on a project to re-paint Calumet Christian School.

Akili Principal Ariana Adkins says they hoped to help the students gain work experience for future careers and expose them to trades. The jobs also helped them learn personal finance skills, and were designed to not interfere with fellowship time.

She says it was a great success and the students did well. “Although much of the work is ‘grunt work,’ these jobs allowed students to have experience working with their hands as well as working in a team, under supervision. It also helped them practice with essential job skills like showing up on time and working hard.” 

And she says the program gave Dwell a great return on the money paid to the students for their work, giving it a chance to influence students spiritually while also helping them be ready for their futures.