New Class on Bible Memorization

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

One of the best ways to stay close to the truths of the Bible is to memorize it. Ryan Weingartner is offering the Bible Memorization Class next month as a way to help you succeed at storing up Scripture in your mind, giving you access to it in any situation. Ryan shares more about the class, which starts January 6th:

What are you doing in the class?

“This winter is going to be tough. We'll be stuck inside quite a bit more. We can come out of this winter just barely surviving, or we can come out having 'made the most of our time'. Specifically, I am urging students to pick a passage of scripture of consecutive verses (whether a paragraph, chapter, multiple chapters, or even a whole book) to memorize. During the week, you will work at memorizing the passage. Then on Wednesday evenings, I will give a short teaching on 'why' and 'how' to memorize and then we will break into small groups and share what we've memorized so far.”

What do you say to people who feel defeated about memorizing?

"Certainly, everyone has different levels of ability in memorizing. However, if we can take our eyes from horizontal comparison to a vertical desire to please the Lord, everyone is capable of some memorization. I'll convince you of that in class!

The class will encourage you to memorize based on your own ability and stage of life. The mother of young children not gifted at memorizing should not assume she will memorize the same amount as the single college student who is gifted at memorizing. So we will each set our own personal goal, realizing that we may need to decrease or expand it. But if we come out of the winter having memorized anything, that is certainly a win."

What's the value of memorizing Scripture?

"If you want the word of Christ richly dwelling within you as you teach and instruct others (Col. 3:16), if you want stability in your life to be the tree standing firmly by the streams of water meditating on the instruction of the Lord day and night (Ps. 1:2-3), if you want your house built on the rock when the storms of life come because you know and act on Christ's words (Mt. 7:24-25), if you want to treasure the word in your heart so that you don’t sin (Ps 119:11); it sure helps if you've memorized some Scripture."

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