Class on Spiritual Renewal Starting Soon

This quarter Dwell is offering the class Spiritual R&R: God’s Restoration and Renewal, designed to help Christians find joy that they once had in their relationship with Christ. It’s a 4 week class with Liz Sweet, and starts Wednesday, August 26th. Liz shares a bit with us about the class:

What is this class about? The class is about experiencing a renewed sense of God's love and joy through rekindling our first love, remembering His faithfulness, and thinking through our views of suffering, bitterness, forgiveness, and service.

Who would it benefit? It would benefit anyone who wants to refresh their perspective about their relationship with Christ, and it is especially beneficial to those who feel downtrodden or sense that they are limping because of life circumstances, hardship, or hurt.

How common is the need for renewal? We all need it. Lamentations 3 says that God's mercies are new every morning. We actually need to experience renewal every day. We all face hardships that zap our strength; we are all surrounded by everyday stress and distraction that affects our ability to focus on Christ; we are all bombarded by the lie that following Christ is not worth it. All these make it important for each of us to be refreshed by God's perspective. He is the one who is able to "restore our souls" (Psalm 23:3).

What have you personally learned about the subject? What I have learned the most is the need to deepen my understanding of God's love and the importance of being in the yoke with Him. He truly wants to impart that love to us, and He delights in us imparting that love to others.  The most surprising thing is that as we allow God to transform our thinking, we truly can have joy even in difficult circumstances.

You can learn more about the class and register at