Dwell Co-Founder to Teach Parenting Class

This winter Dwell will be offering the class, "21st Century Christian Parents," taught by Dwell co-founder Dennis McCallum. The 6-week class starts February 9th, and you can register at this link--all who register get a free book. Dennis answers some questions about the class here:

What is the class about?
This is a class covering the theology of parenting and perspectives on the parenting task from infancy to teenagers. I draw on science and scripture to evaluate various approaches, and make recommendations from my own experience. 

Why "21st Century Christian Parents?" What are the unique challenges you're addressing?
One of our big challenges today is the fact that Christian parents in America are losing their kids to our faith. Parents need to realize the danger and take steps early and late to avoid that fate. We also have new challenges to the mental and spiritual health of our kids through novel problems like the internet, pornography, gender issues, and gaming. 

Who should take this class? Would it be helpful for couples before they have kids? Is it "too late" if your kids are already teenagers?
The last time we offered this class, many not-yet-parents took it and have shared that they are glad they did. Ideally people take it before they reach teenage territory, but they could definitely glean some useful points. 

Why are you teaching it? 
The elders asked me to offer it. I have experience in parenting, and I was given two sabbaticals to do research on it. We're also going to hear from some other leaders on specialty issues. 

You can get more details and register here.