Dwell Celebrates Christmas

Dwell invites you and your family and friends to celebrate Christmas with "The Hope of Christmas" on Christmas Eve. We’ll have programs at 2:00 and 4:00 pm at Dwell’s Main Campus Auditorium (1390 Community Park Dr., 43229), lasting about an hour.

The programs will feature plenty of music and hospitality, as well as a teaching from Brad DuFault.

Brad says he’ll be sharing scripture that lays out the hope of Christmas. “Hope is a precious commodity these days that people are drawn to during the Christmas season. Thankfully there is real substance to the hope of Christmas. Instead of leaving us in our lost state, Jesus decided to leave heaven and become one of us in order to rescue us. This changes everything.”

He says it’s a great opportunity to share the gospel with friends and family. “Christmas has such a hold in our culture, and ‘Christ’ is right there in the name! This gives us the chance to point people to the message of Jesus in a way that is winsome and feels normal.”

Dwell’s Ryan Hall is helping plan the event, and says they’re working to create an event that’s welcoming and down-to-earth. There’ll be a Christmas cookie buffet, and plenty of music – something he says many people expect and want to hear at Christmas. This year's program features a children’s choir, Christmas caroling, and top-notch musical performances.

He agrees with Brad that it’s a great way to reach out to others. “Christmas Eve is a unique event that combines solid biblical teaching with excellent musical performances. Some folks who do not attend church regularly come out to Christmas Eve, so we build the event with that in mind.”