Dwell Offering "Reasons to Believe" Class

How do you resolve questions about the problem of evil, how God and science can coexist, and how God is portrayed in the Old Testament?

This fall Dwell is offering a 5-week apologetics class, “Reasons to Believe,” looking at these questions and how they can be answered, but, beyond that, how those answers can lead to more confidence in Biblical Christianity. 

Doug O’Malley is teaching it. He says these topics are explored in Dwell’s Leadership Training Class, LTC, but he thought there should be more opportunities for people to understand this critical content.

He says it’s particularly important for people in Central Ohio. “We live in a highly educated city. People have thoughtful questions, and want thoughtful answers. My hope is that this convinces believers on a deeper level that what they believe is true, emboldens believers to share their faith, and they can use some of the material to witness to their friends.”

Doug says one of the strongest “reasons to believe” is the Bible’s answer to the problem of evil--how could a good God allow so much evil in the world. “I think the Bible offers the most satisfying answer to this, on both an intellectual and emotional level.” Beyond that, Doug says he thinks the evidence to believe in the God of the Bible is unparalleled in other religions. “But many people are unaware of it because nobody ever taught them!”  

This class starts Friday, November 6th. You can get more information on this and other classes at dwellcc.org/classes.