Dwell Relief Fund Helping Around the World

The Dwell Missions Division recently distributed emergency relief money to some of our partners suffering from the effects of the coronavirus. The division reports our partners in Haiti have already been able to use the money to use:

COVID-19 is having devastating impacts on the health and economy in many of the countries where our Global Partners work. So, in addition to annual sustaining funds from the Global Partnership Fund, we recently released emergency funding to several partners.

?We provided a total of $15,000 to our partners in Ecuador, Côte d'Ivoire and Haiti, which will allow them to provide vital relief to the needy. They will now be able to distribute food to the hungry, cover medical bills, and provide hygiene products to their congregations and surrounding communities. This week our partners in Haiti were able to deliver provisions to 18 people in the Lavalle community. They received kits with rice, beans, oil, corn meal, herring, and soap. Pastor Roberno wrote to us expressing their gratitude to the folks at Dwell!