Dwell Volunteers Diligently Serve Food Pantry

With many people in need of food these days, with dozens of volunteers from Dwell are answering the call each week at the All People’s Fresh Market on Parsons Avenue, a program of Community Development for All People. They’ve been packing food boxes, loading them into customers’ cars, cleaning, directing traffic, and handling administrative tasks.

The Market offers fresh food to folks on a low-income and is the largest free food distributor in Ohio serving between 500 to 700 families a day. As such it needs many volunteers—at least 20-30 each day, 5 days a week (Tuesday through Saturday). Dwell volunteers have stepped up, with 45 percent of the pantry's volunteers coming from our church. Over 30 people from Dwell serve each week, with some volunteering more than once a week.

Dwell member Adam Householder works for the market and says there is a growing need for volunteers now, as people start to go back to work and some current volunteers can’t continue. You can easily sign up using the POINT app. You can see a current list of volunteer events at this link.

Dwell member Keenan Lewis has been volunteering there and says it’s fun and refreshing, with the work consistent but not complex or overwhelming. Keenan says he plans to continue volunteering there. “I can tangibly see how this is helping the community and making a difference in me as well.”

Please consider joining in this effort to help meet a real need in our community, showing them the love of Christ through your actions. If you have questions about signing up, contact Jess Grady at Jgrady@4allpeople.net.