Dwell Workshop Adds Week for Grieving Spouses

By John Montgomery, Dwell Grief Ministry

The Navigating Your Grief Wednesday night workshop is adding an extra week on March 3rd, at 7:00 pm on Zoom. This session will focus on helping grieving spouses, and is open to anyone who may benefit, regardless of whether they have attended any of the previous weeks. If someone you know would benefit from this extra week, please consider inviting them. This can be a great opportunity to reach out to your friends, neighbors, and family members who are grieving the loss of a spouse.

The loss of any loved one can be a devastating, complicated event. With the death of a spouse, there are many unique complications. One minute you are married; the next you are single, alone, and grieving. The person who would normally help you through difficult times is no longer there for support. 

You may feel numb, brokenhearted, confused, or anxious. You may feel guilty for being the one who is still alive or relieved that your spouse is no longer suffering if a long-term illness was involved. You might even feel angry at your spouse for leaving you, disappointed in God for not preventing the death, and/or resentful toward the doctors who provided treatment to your spouse. You may cry a lot or a little or not at all. Dealing with the intense emotions, the significant life changes, and the many practical considerations that accompany the death of a spouse, can make you feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your future.

At this session, the topics discussed will include: what to expect in the weeks and months after a death, how to handle the confusing emotions, how to navigate changing relationships, how to deal with the loneliness, what to do with your spouse’s belongings, and how to find the strength to move forward.

There is no cost to attend. Here’s what to expect:

  • Video: You’ll view a 22-minute video with encouraging, practical advice from counselors, pastors, and widowed individuals.
  • Discussion: You’ll get to talk with other widowed people about what you learned from the video. (There’s no pressure to share!)
  • Study articles: You’ll receive several short readings on how to live with grief and eventually rebuild your life.

Please email grief@dwellcc.org to register or to ask additional questions.