Dwell's Medical and Vision Clinics to Re-Open

After being on hold for a year, Dwell’s medical and vision clinics are starting back up on May 3rd. They will return to their twice-monthly schedule—the first and third Mondays of the month. The clinic treats people who don’t have private insurance and aren’t eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, and are below the 200% poverty level.

Clinic Director Margo Shaw says, for a number of reasons, COVID made it impractical to keep the clinics open, including the fact that some volunteers are older. But with many volunteers now vaccinated and the virus more understood, she says they have a much safer situation and can resume.

Margo says they’re looking forward to getting back to treating people, addressing their medical concerns, but also offering them spiritual support. “Those of us who have served here a long time really enjoy it! It just makes sense to have this kind of help for our community. And our clients are so thankful for the excellent care they receive.”

As part of their visit to the clinics, people have a chance to meet with volunteers who will talk with them about their spiritual needs and pray with them. Margo says these volunteers talk them through a helpful spiritual inventory and walk through what the Bible teaches about salvation. “It’s a really great chance to share such beautiful truths. Many patients say they are Christians and after they hear what the Bible says they claim, ‘Wow! I never knew that.’”

The clinic depends on volunteers and needs more to complete its team. Margo says they need another optometrist, coordinators, and a few more nurses. They also need more prayer team members, who talk with patients about their spiritual needs and share the gospel. Volunteers usually serve once every two months, on Mondays from 5:45-8:00 pm. If you’re available and interested, contact Margo at clinic@dwellcc.org or 614-823-6510, ext. 1840.

Margo also asks that you pray for the clinics—that God would bring forward spiritually hungry patients and that they would have enough volunteers to meet the patients’ needs. "We are praying we have a full house--lots of patients and lots of volunteers to spread the awesome love of Christ!"