Short-Term Missions Team Visits Ecuador

By the Dwell Missions Staff

Earlier this month we took a short-term trip to visit our Global Partner in Ecuador--Arco Church. The Missions Division uses short-term trips like this to support our long-term commitment to our Global Partners. We work together to accomplish the spiritual and developmental goals set forth by our partners.

22 volunteers from Dwell traveled to Santa Rosa, Ecuador to work alongside Arco Church from September 3rd to the 10th. Together we put on a free 4-day clinic for the city. While the Dwell team provided dental, medical, and optometry services, as well as Spanish translation, the Arco team provided the logistics and spiritual support for patients. Each patient in the clinic was met by an Arco member, and together they prayed and talked.

During the clinic, we saw 1700 patients, including 622 adults, 305 children, 135 dental patients, and 646 optometry patients! By the end of the clinic, some 150 people had received Christ. Many more of the patients will be followed up with by Arco after the clinic!

We are so grateful for this opportunity to adorn the gospel in Ecuador. After the clinic, Canco Casassa stayed in Santa Rosa to provide a training seminar to the elders and home church leaders at Arco church. Together, they discussed topics like church structure, best practices for student ministries, coaching for leaders, and ethics of marriage and divorce. It was a rich time of fellowship and a blessing to have camaraderie in sharing Christ alongside our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters.