Join the Epic Prayer Team

Each year hundreds of students are challenged to deepen their relationship with Christ at Epic–Dwell’s summer camp for high-schoolers. Over the years a few hundred students have come to faith at Epic, and many more have made the decision to walk more closely and consistently with Christ.

One of the most important reasons for this incredible spiritual impact is prayer–asking God to work in the hearts of students to prepare them to receive God’s call to them. To that end, Epic leaders ask you to join the Epic Prayer Team.

You’ll get regular emails in the months leading up to camp, then daily updates while camp is going on. To join, send an email to

Epic Director Shane Coulter says your participation makes a huge difference. “We're confident that having a dedicated prayer team makes a huge impact on the spiritual tone and protection we experience at camp each year. We hear stories each year of students who were resistant to the gospel or stagnant spiritually who experienced a tender heart at camp that led to God transforming their lives.”

Shane says the spiritual impact of Epic ripples beyond Dwell Student Ministries. He says, this being Epic’s 12th year, there are plenty of members of adult groups who were personally impacted by attending camp. “Over the years the impact this camp has had on our fellowship as a whole will deepen and resonate throughout our entire ministry, as more generations of students get to experience the spiritually rich environment that God has created at our summer camps.”