Freshman Transition Time at Dwell

Each year 8th grade students involved in Dwell’s Middle School Ministry go through Freshman Transition, allowing them to explore different high school home churches to find the group that’s right for them. This year's process will start April 2nd. Please pray for their discernment about this decision!

It’s a spiritually significant event because it’s a time of life that some students move away from God. A successful transition to a high school group not only helps students this age stay engaged with their walk with God, but also go on to become mature, contributing members of their group. 

Dwell’s Student Ministries Coordinator Brian Adams answers some questions about the process:

How does the freshman transition process work?

Middle school students get assigned to visit a group for one night (this year, April 2). For the two weeks prior to that night, the students can hang out with leaders & students from their assigned group. This is an awesome time to build a friendship.

Why do we do it this way? What have we learned about students at this age, and the challenges they face that have formed this approach?

We believe that a level of ownership is helpful to students. They get to decide where they will be for the next 4 years of their walk with God. 

What's your best advice for freshmen as they pick a high school home church?

My advice for freshmen would be to pray about where God wants them. It's easy to want to clump together with your whole middle school cell group, and that's not wrong, but I always advise freshmen to involve God in their decision instead of just going with what naturally feels most comfortable. 

How can parents help their student succeed at this time?

Parents can help their child succeed by encouraging their child to spend time with their assigned home church and having an open dialogue with them about the pros and cons they see in the various home churches they are checking out. Helping your child think critically about this decision can go a long way in them owning and being excited about the decision they make!