God Works through Pacesetters in Unexpected Ways

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

This spring Dwell’s Pacesetter ministry was about to launch a bi-weekly Bible study for seniors, but at the last minute it was put on hold by COVID restrictions. 5 months later, though the Bible study remains on hold, Pacesetters has a vital ministry through weekly devotional material, and is ready to launch an experimental weekly drive-in Bible study for seniors.

Pacesetter Director Ben Foust says it was discouraging to have to postpone the planned in-person Bible study, but that it’s clear God still had plans to work. “When we face adversity, it disrupts our plans. But God always anticipates it, and is prepared to work through it. I believe the unexpected ministry Pacesetters has developed in the last 5 months will end up being a lasting legacy.”

Ben says that lasting legacy is a weekly written devotional Bible study, written by pastor Gary DeLashmutt that Ben says has “gone viral” in senior circles.

Ben says he sent them out to people on a Pacesetter email list—seniors in Dwell and other contacts. And the Pacesetters ministry made hard copies, making them available to folks in senior centers and to Dwell members serving seniors.

Soon these hard copies were being re-copied by people who enjoyed them and, as a result, the devotionals have been shared broadly. Ben says seniors are offering them to friends who are struggling with the oppressive loneliness of COVID restrictions. And caring staff members at facilities are sharing them with their residents.

As a result, in the midst of great loneliness and isolation, God’s hope is strengthening Christians, and God’s message of grace is reaching non-Christians—and there’s new material coming out each week. You can see and share the material at this link.

Additionally Pacesetters is starting a new venture next week—an experimental weekly drive-in Bible study for seniors, similar to the bi-weekly study planned back in March. Gary will teach from the book of John, using an FM transmitter to reach people in the safety of their cars.

Ben says this approach provides a special provision for seniors who face both a higher risk from COVID, but also a higher risk from the isolation of COVID restrictions. “It’s probably going to be a long time until we can do the in-person Bible study we originally planned, so we’re really excited to provide something creative that takes into account these risks.”

Please join with Pacesetters in prayer—Ben offers these suggestions:

  • For the drive-in Bible study—for Gary’s teaching to be a light in the dark for those who attend. For wisdom to know how to best manage it going forward
  • For seniors, who continue to endure very difficult isolation. This includes the 4 Dwell home churches that have been working to establish the Pacesetters ministry.
  • For the weekly devotionals, that they would continue to be sown broadly to seniors in need of God’s hope for their lives.

If you have any questions, please contact Ben at FoustB@dwellcc.org.