Dwell Missions Celebrates God's Work in 2021

By the Dwell Missions Division

We're so thankful for how Dwell members have supported our Global Partners through yet another challenging year. In 2021 we witnessed such resilience and fortitude from all 10 of our Global Partners. In the midst of a global pandemic, a civil war, natural disasters, political upheaval, and the daily weight of the church, the Lord sustained our dear friends. This past year the Lord added to their numbers, and there are now 27,606 people in over 3,000 home churches across all our Partners.

This would not be possible if you hadn't given your time, prayers, hospitality, and donations to help Global Partners. Many folks gathered to pray at our Quarterly Missions Nights throughout the year. We collected $20,000 to support a Haitian hospital as it delivered free medical care after a devastating earthquake. Several of our partners visited us in Columbus and many of you welcomed them with warmth and hospitality; they were greatly refreshed as they returned to their home countries to continue serving. 

There are so many wonderful stories to share. You can read a full account from each partner in Dwell's Annual Report, starting on page 4.