Good Grief Group Will Meet Online

By John Montgomery

The Good Grief discussion group will conduct a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, April 21st, at 6:30 pm. This group provides support, comfort, and understanding for high school, college and young adults who have lost a loved one.

The state of emergency in our country not only causes grief but enhances grief that is already present. Grief cannot be quarantined or isolated until a “convenient” time. Yet grief and suffering by nature are isolating.

In his book, Forever, Paul Tripp observes that suffering tends to isolate us from the people nearest us and makes us feel that others cannot understand what we are experiencing. Tripp also notes how suffering can cloud any sense of faith or trust in God because of the unanswered “why” questions. Yet, connection to others and to faith can be essential in times of grief.

During a time of grief, it is important to seek out people who acknowledge our loss and who will listen to our raw expression of grief. Sharing pain with others won't make it disappear, but it will, over time, make it more bearable, more understandable, and less isolating.

Although no two people experience grief in the same way, by attending Good Grief you may find that other people have had experiences, feelings, and struggles that are similar to your own. Good Grief also provides opportunities to comfort and support others. Often you don’t realize how much you have learned or how well you are doing until you find yourself comforting and supporting someone else in their grief struggles.

Please encourage anyone you think might benefit from this group to attend. Email  or text 614-268-7998 to obtain the Zoom log in or ask any questions.