Helping Hands Continues to Adorn the Gospel

Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

For many years, Dwell’s Helping Hands ministry has worked to share the love of Christ in a practical way, completing home repairs and projects for those in need. Volunteers help with home repairs, maintenance work, yard work, home organization, and other tasks.

Longtime Dwell members Don Dixon and Randy Jones helped start the ministry 20 years ago. Through the years it has served hundreds of people, including single parents, senior citizens, those with physical impairments, and those in difficult circumstances

Current Helping Hands co-leader Andy Ault says its volunteers’ work goes far beyond the repairs or yard work they take care of. "The ministry is meeting people’s felt needs and therefore is a powerful witness of love for them. We also have opportunities for spiritual conversations with our clients where God will open the door to share the gospel with them.”

Another leader, Ty Gantzer, agrees. He recalls the story of an elderly Westerville woman who didn’t go to Dwell. He says she had many needs, and many volunteers had the chance to serve her. “I think this was when I realized that spending time with these folks is more the mission than completing that task. I have to remind myself when I get focused on the project that we are about people, sharing the love of Christ with those that may not know Him personally.”

The ministry is looking for more volunteers. Andy says,  “We would like to reach out to our younger Dwell members and spark an interest in serving.” The main qualification is willingness to serve–whether you have no home maintenance experience or advanced skills. Ty says they won’t put anyone in a situation where they’re uncomfortable with skills needed for the job.

Volunteers are asked to commit to taking on a 1-3 hour project twice a month. You can sign up at this link, or if you have questions, contact Ty at And if you know of someone in need, they can submit a service request online or call  614-823-6510, extension 1707.

Please pray for the work of these wonderful servants of God!