High Schoolers Sample What's Next at College Connection

Dwell’s College Connection event is coming up in a few weeks, giving high school juniors and seniors a taste of Dwell’s college ministry. It can be a critical experience for students who are making significant decisions about their future.

The transition from high school to college is a time many Christian students abandon their involvement in Christian fellowship. College Connection works to give them a vision for following God during their college years and beyond, and motivates them to choose that path. Historically, it’s helped persuade hundreds of high school students to pursue their walk with God in college.

The main College Connection event is a large meeting November 13th. That night college students will be welcoming the high schoolers with pizza and a teaching by Dwell pastor James Rochford. That event will be held across several venues.

Many college home churches will also be hosting special events for high schoolers during the week of November 8th. Dwell’s College-High School Administrator Brian Adams says these smaller gatherings allow students to connect with people in the college ministry and build new friendships, and to see the greater relational depth people in the college ministry often enjoy, especially for those in the ministry houses. Brian says the chance to see these deeper relationships in action often motivates high schoolers toward including God in their plans for their future.

Brian says College Connection is not just for students who are committed members of a high school home church. Brian says, as a high-schooler, this event was one of his first experiences with Dwell. He says he was hostile toward the church but found people were sincerely committed to God’s work, and developing deep, loving relationships. Brian says, “I was sold from going to College Connection that I wanted to continue coming to Bible studies, which led to me coming to Christ and choosing to follow God.”

Please support the college and high school students involved by praying for their time, that they would be open to what God is trying to communicate to them and that they would have a great time getting a larger vision for walking with God in college.