Dwell Missions Celebrates God's Work in 2022

By the Dwell Missions Division

The Missions Division works with our global workers and indigenous partners to plant house churches accessible to everyone in a people group, resulting in changed lives and transformed communities. Currently, Dwell has twelve partners based in ten countries on five continents.

2022 represented a year of amazing quantitative and qualitative growth. Our Global Partners now represent hundreds of national workers who oversee a network totaling 3,856 house churches and 2,329 house church leaders, with 36,029 members (approximately 20% increase in attendance over 2021). Our 13 Global Workers (Dwell Missionaries) serve among six of our Global Partners to provide leadership development and facilitate church planting.

This year saw significant shifts worldwide. On the one hand, there was a relative return to a sense of normalcy regarding the COVID pandemic. This resulted in a return to economic activity and the easing travel restrictions, which allowed Dwell Missions staff to make field visits to our Global Partners. On the other hand, the world experienced a rapid increase in inflation, which affected people’s livelihood in underdeveloped and developing nations particularly severely, deepening economic inequality and food insecurity for millions worldwide. In addition, some of our partners experienced political instability and turmoil, attacks by extremists, and civil war.

We admire the faith, resilience, and deep commitment of our who live, work, and serve in these challenging contexts. Despite all these difficulties, we are incredibly encouraged by the significant gains in church growth in many regions of the world. Dwell’s partners’ commitment to keep community development and poverty alleviation programs running is exemplary – thousands of people have experienced holistic transformation as these ministries have committed to remaining operational. Thank you for your support of our Global Partners.

You can read a full account of what God did at Dwell Missions and a review from each Global Partner in Dwell’s Annual Report, starting in page 4.